Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Night At The Garden

Last night we went to see the Celtics at the Garden with some friends.

It was a pretty bad day, weather-wise. As we were leaving our apartment, we opened the door to a downpour. We went back in so I could get my umbrella and The Schwarz could get a rain coat. This time we made it out the door, but I took one step and almost fell because it was so icy. We started to walk, but ended up just sliding down the driveway. We eventually made it to the train (without falling!), but it took us about 25 minutes to walk, slip, and skate the 2 blocks to our stop. Oh, and since it was raining, we had to navigate through ankle-deep puddles as well. We were drenched and I felt like I had about 2 cups of water in each shoe when we finally got on the train. 

When we arrived at the Garden the Celtics were losing, but that didn't last long. They went on to win 119-100 in their 9th straight victory. Eddie House was the star of the night; he got 8 out of 9 3 pointers. It was pretty cool.

JumboTron camera guy spent a lot of time in our section, and the stupid drunk behind me spilled his beer all over my head (and my neck, shoulder, arm, and leg) trying to get on camera. After that, I was wet from head to toe. Good grief. As my hair dried, it got all stiff. And my face and neck were sticky. My scarf stinks. Yuck. Oh well, it happens. 


Andrea and Lenny said...

Think of it as a free beer shampoo. Good grief is an understatement!

little miss spy said...

hahahaha. it was gross, but i got over it. :)


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