Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Journal

I started keeping a personal journal at UMass, because it was a requirement for my college writing class. Once I got into the habit, it wasn't so hard to write on a daily basis. In fact, I sometimes found myself writing many times a day. My second semester freshman year wasn't easy, and my journal became a very important part of my life. 

Lately (by lately, I mean the past year and a half!), I've been really bad about updating my journal. I tend to pick a day and do a massive update, but I don't write much; I glue in business cards from restuarants, cards people send to me, stickers, news articles, and little things I've collected since the last update. It's sort of like a scrapbook I guess. 

I think I stopped writing because I was just complaining about work (ugh) all of the time, instead of documenting what was happening in my life. Maybe now I'll start up again. We'll see. Even if I don't write frequently, I still use my journal to keep track of the things I do. 

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