Sunday, January 18, 2009

Driving Back To Boston

The Schwarz and I were in North Adams for the weekend, because we went to Viola's opening in Bennington, VT on Friday night. The exhibit was really very moving. You can see some of the pieces here.  

For the rest of the weekend, we lounged around, went on some errands, and spent time with my family. Usually, we leave my parents' house between noon and one o'clock for the drive back to Boston, but today we left closer to four. The sun was almost down when we got to Greenfield, so it was dark for two thirds of our drive. I love taking photos out of the car window, and the lights and snow were so pretty tonight. I wasn't able to capture the fresh powder in the dark, but I did get these cool shots. I just let the camera and the movement of the car do all of the work. 

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