Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday To You

Summer 2005 (one of my favorite photos)

Winter 2007

23 January 2009

Gift for The Schwarz & the card I made for him

Today is The Schwarz's birthday! He's 26. We're going out with a few friends tonight to celebrate.  

I spent this morning making that card for him. And now I'm busy cleaning so he can come home to a super clean apartment. Since I couldn't splurge on a gift this year (unemployed, remember?), I figure a soothing atmosphere is still pretty good. So I'm dusting and sorting through the piles of paper that tend to build up during the week. 


LisatheIsa said...

Happy B-Day to The Schwarz! 26 is a good one,


docmay said...

happy birthday to eric!
i hope you both enjoyed the day.

with love...the maze

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. Happy Birthday Eric
anon: you know who I am.

BMay said...

hope you saw my b/day wishes @ mayhaps, and wow-from what i can see the card looks amazing! ah to be twenty six...enjoy

little miss spy said...

he had a fun birthday. glad you like the card mom!

The Schwarz said...

Thanks everybody!! I had a great day.


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