Monday, November 3, 2008

Wort Hit

I spotted this sign hanging on a house in the Gingerbread community on Martha's Vineyard. Like many houses on the Vineyard, the houses in this community are named. The majority have cutesy names, like The Pink House, but I found this one a little confusing. I'm fairly certain the artist ran into spacing problems, which resulted in a sign reading Wort hit, rather than Worth it.

Both names raise questions:
  • Why would you hit a wort or name your house after a wort?
  • What is worth it? The house? The oddly colored piece of wood?


beebabz said...

for whatever reason, i first read the sign as "worst hit" and thought "what kind of people would...oh-never mind!"

little miss spy said...

It's just a disaster of a sign!


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