Monday, November 17, 2008


Today The Schwarz and I are on our way to Florida for a full week of vacation that is long overdue. This is the first time I'm actually taking time off work for a real vaction. In 2007 I worked 5 to 6 hours every single day of my vacation and I also worked during the holidays. 

Are you wondering about the picture? That's my Ocober 2008 calendar page showing my originally-planned vacation (October 22-29) covered with white-out.  Yes, we were supposed to take this vacation a month ago, but The Schwarz was needed at work, so we had to reschedule. It was incredibly disappointing, but I've obviously survived. 

Vaction, here we come!

1 comment:

*sara* said...

You forgot to pack me in your suitcase :(


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