Saturday, November 1, 2008

Owl Cards & David The Gnome

The top picture shows the treats I gave to friends. I made the owl in photoshop and on the inside the card just says "Happy Halloween!" I included tootsie pops because after I made the owl I kept thinking about the "How many licks does it take?" owl from the old commercials!

In the other pictures, The Schwarz is modeling his David the Gnome costume. It was a big hit last night and he got a lot of compliments. While many people knew which gnome he was portraying, he was also mistaken for the travelocity gnome and a dwarf (from Snow White). Anyway, I made the hat, and the rest of the outfit was made of pretty standard clothing. We attached a small purse to his belt because David wore a belt with bag (the gnome form of a  fanny pack?) to keep his medical supplies and herbs handy. Staying true to the character, we filled the bag with band aids and aspirin. 


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that elves, gnome, or dwarfs (dwarves?) came in such large sizes. I thought they were more like me--short and wizened.
Or that frogs wore "hoodies"
ButI'm willing to suspend belief and enjoy the pictures

beebabz said...

wow this is even more awesome than i had anticipated - kudos for the boots+beer belly... love the band-aids and aspirin angle too (& owl/tootsiepop=medicine? maybe??)


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