Monday, November 10, 2008


About a month ago, I took advantage of a beautiful Saturday afternoon and took my review books to the park to study for the GMAT. I also had to bring my personal cell phone because seriously, does anybody leave their house without their phone these days? Of course I needed my iPod to help me tune out environmental distractions. And I couldn't leave my new work-issued iPhone at home either (it enables my email-checking addiction). Oh, I had my camera with me too. 

I've gotten so used to having technology with me at all times that it feels funny to shut down and log-out. Ten years ago the internet was just catching on and most people didn't have cell phones. Seven years ago the hottest MP3 players were 32 MB (that's about 8 songs people!). Three years ago digital cameras were becoming popular and the iPhone was just some genius' crazy idea. Now we can't imagine living without these things. How quickly we change.

Side note: The Schwarz and I took the GMAT on Saturday and it's finally over! We're officially done with data sufficiency problems and reading comprehension. Woo hoo!

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