Monday, June 14, 2010

At The Flower Shop

On Saturday I went to a few florists with my friend, because I'm helping with the floral arrangements at her wedding reception on Friday. One shop we visited had the most beautiful flowers.

flower shop 2

flower shop 3

flower shop 7

Unfortunately, the owner was rude and less than helpful. We ended up getting everything we needed elsewhere, and it was a much more pleasant experience. But I can't stop thinking about that other place; I want to spend all day there surrounded by gorgeousness (without the crabby lady, of course).

These photos (more on flickr) were all taken with my new used point-and-shoot. It's the same as the one I broke, but it's light blue. Let's hope this one doesn't suffer the same fate. I should probably mention that it was more affordable to get a used replacement than to get the other one fixed. Thank you ebay.

*New personalized contact cards in the shop today. Fun, fun, fun!

1 comment:

gramma said...

Crabby shopkeeper of a flower shop? I'm surprised her flowers don't wither and die.


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