Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surprise Balls

My brother's birthday was May 31, and my sister's is tomorrow. A few days before Max's birthday I learned about Gina Namkung's surprise balls on Poppytalk. Inside layer upon layer of crepe paper there are little prizes and trinkets that fall out as you unravel the ball. They're so amazing! My absolute favorite thing about getting gifts is the unwrapping, and a surprise ball is all about the unwrapping. To me, it's the ideal gift. So I set out on a mission to make them for my siblings. 

surprise balls for emma + max

First, I went to the toy store and got prizes and candies to wrap up. Then, I went to the party store to get crepe paper and a few little extras (like chicken stickers -- how totally awesome! -- and star confetti). Then I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped like a mad woman, wrote a birthday card on yellow heart, and shipped it off.

the surprises

I planned for the package to arrive mid-way between their birthdays so they could open them at the same time. They arrived last week. I was on the phone with them while they unraveled and discovered their little treasures. There was a lot of laughing; I think the surprise balls were a success!

*Today's Lost in Thoughts is full of loveliness. 

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gramma said...

April, enterprising and patient to create a wonderful gift.
I'm so happy you are you.


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