Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brunch In The South End

You guys, I had a busy, busy weekend! As you know, I spent Saturday at a wedding. And Sunday I went to the South End to meet my friend, Justin, and his girlfriend. They were in town for the weekend, visiting from NYC.

sarah + justin at masa in boston

I've known Justin since elementary school, but I haven't seen him since 2001 when we graduated high school. We weren't really friends in school, but last year we reconnected via Twitter. Seriously. The internet's pretty amazing, huh? Turns out, we actually have many common interests.

Anyway, the real life meet-up was fun! I was introduced to his girlfriend and the three of us had brunch at Masa. It was cool to catch up in person. Afterwards, I gave them a quick tour of the public garden and the common downtown.

*The picture was a little blurry so I Polaroid-ized it. I think it's definitely an improvement. I felt self-conscious photographing them while they were trying to eat and accidentally focused on their arms instead of their faces. And only took 1 picture. Haha.


jmdickinson said...

Great photo, and it was great to see you! You could've taken more pictures, we have a lot of photographer friends so we're used to having shots taken while we eat.

little miss spy said...

Well next time I'll just have to take hundreds :)

Trista said...

next time, I need in on this date :( soon, i know i say that and I am Always busy but for real..


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