Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson In Concert

Last night was wonderful. My sister and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson, and she was fantastic (as expected). Since I broke my new camera, I busted out the old Minolta. I was glad to have it, but remembered why we got a new one. And the battery (and the 3 back-ups I brought) completely died at one point. But I did get a few halfway decent pictures during the show.

The show was sold out, but I got tickets about 5 minutes after they went on sale, so we didn't have to worry.

We were so happy to be there. The only downside was that we stood next to the most annoying girls on Earth. You can see one of them chugging her beer. Yes, I'm pointing her out - that's how obnoxious she was. In order to get away from them we had to move to a space where we couldn't see much, but at least we could enjoy the music without some freak hollering in our ears.

Greg Holden, a musician from the UK, opened for Ingrid. He was good, and he sang the best (only?) cover of "Walking On Sunshine" that I've ever heard. Check out his website to find his music.

After the show we waited around while the crowd was clearing and we saw a guy bringing something backstage to have it signed for a fan, so we ran over and asked if he could get our tickets signed for us. HE DID!

Then we went to the merchandise area to buy one of Greg's CDs (we bought Ingrid t-shirts before the show and I already have all of her albums). We got to talk to him and we shook his hand and got his autograph (she signed the real-looking ticket - which I found on the floor after the show - and he signed the paper ticket I printed at home).

And then we saw her sitting there, signing things. Oh. My. God. It's the most startstruck I've ever been. We talked to her and told her how much we love her and that she's our favorite. I probably sounded like a fool, but I don't even care because it was awesome. (I took a few pictures on Emma's camera, and I hope she posts them on her blog.) The show was part of (RED)Nights and they were giving away free posters signed by Ingrid, so we grabbed those too.

AHHHH! It was a supreme adventure (as Emma would say). We walked home in the rain and in total awe.

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Emily said...

the picture where ingrid is in an orange light...that's my favorite photo of her!....we met her?!?!?!??!?!?!


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