Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HBS Picnic On George's Island

We took a school bus yesterday morning. A big yellow one, just like I used to take in kindergarten.

The bus took us from HBS to Long Wharf, where we got on a ferry headed to George's Island (one of Boston's Harbor Islands).

When we got to the island we were provided with a lovely picnic lunch. We ate with some friends we met back in April. We also met some new couples, which was nice.

After eating, we walked around the island and explored Fort Warren a little bit. I got some of our friends (and Eric) to do an awesome wedding-ish photo involving a big jump. Hahaha!

After we made our way to the top of the fort, Eric took a picture of the girls. The little one in front is Kiri's oldest daughter (the younger one was preoccupied during the mini photo shoot).

It was a great day. The sun was out, the company was fabulous, and we got to check out an island!

We were back at HBS around 2:00, at which point Eric and I headed to Harvard to spend the afternoon and evening with his parents. Yeah, we had a pretty successful holiday.

I hope you all enjoyed Labor Day as much as I did! What did you do?

*I put a few other pictures on flickr.


Anonymous said...

I loved the HBS picnic photos - thanks!! (Kiri)

Brooke said...

I now approve of what I thought was a ridiculous action photo... From now on I will participate without protest. :) -Brooke

little miss spy said...

I'm glad you guys like the pictures! (Brooke, I told you the action shot would be fabulous!)

Julia said...

I just saw this now, these look awesome. Too bad Carlos can't follow the countdown and jumped before everyone else did.

little miss spy said...

I'm pretty sure that Carlos jumping early is what makes those pictures so awesome :)


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