Friday, September 26, 2008


It must be tedious being left alone to rust. Luckily, a little grease and oil could probably fix this bike and make it usable once again. Just ask the Tin Man, he'll tell you

I really wish I could fit this rusty old bike into my apartment. When we have space, I think one of the first things I'd like to get is a bike. I really used to love riding bikes and I'm pretty sure that hasn't changed. My taste in bikes is different, however. My first bike was pink and had a banana seat so that I could fit a passenger on the back!

That actually makes me think of all of the things I've used and eventually outgrown thus far in life.  This includes everything from toys and beliefs to friends. Like an old bike, these things (or people) could potentially become part of my life agin, but they may also end up as memories. It's a little sad to think about leaving things behind, but it's part of growing up. 

Wow. All that from some rusty gears. What are you thinking about? 

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