Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last night we watched Away From Her. It's about an older couple and the toll Alzheimer's takes on their relationship. It's a beautiful movie that explores love and emotions. 

The main character, Fiona (played by Julie Christie, pictured above), has Alzheimer's, which is quickly progressing. She's a smart and interesting woman and it's difficult to see her losing her memory, especially through the eyes of her husband. I took a picture of the television screen just as the movie was at a turning point; she's leaving her house to enter a nursing home. It is interesting that her personal appearance degenerates at the same pace as her mind. Here you can see that she is perfectly made up and clearly aware of how she looks. As time goes by her hair becomes disheveled, her clothes get sloppy, and she loses all sense of color and taste. 

I can't imagine losing my sense of self and not even remembering which colors I like (oranges, reds, and pinks).

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