Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harvard Stadium

Last night we had the first HBS Partners book club gathering of the new school year. My friend Daniela hosted, and she and her husband live on campus. The bus I take to HBS drops me off right outside Harvard Stadium, and it was stunning last night.

harvard stadium

The sunlight, blue clouds, and the blue sky sure made for a pretty picture. I like how the cyclist on the right is just entering the frame, too. 

Book club was super fun, by the way. There were some newcomers and only one person read the book; we spent the whole time catching up and talking about our summers. We also ate a lot (or too much, in my case). It was great! 


gramma said...

OK, but what was the book you were scheduled to read????????

little miss spy said...

I can't remember the book because I didn't actually read it. Oops!


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