Monday, September 13, 2010

Cambridge Carnival 2010

Yesterday Eric and I decided to go to the Salvation Army. We looked online to find a location, and we were directed to Cambridge. When we got there, we realized we were on some sort of parade route. (It's not the first time we've stumbled upon a parade.)


It was pretty exciting, and we walked along with the masqueraders in search of the store. We had to weave in an out of groups of onlookers and it was fun to be in the midst of the celebration. Everybody was dancing and there were hundreds of bright, elaborate costumes to be seen. At the time we had no idea what was going on, but I looked it up this morning. Turns out, it was 18th Annual Cambridge Carnival! On the website, it's described as "a colorful and festive celebration that is rooted in African traditions." 

fried dough stand

At the end of the parade route, there were booths selling all sorts of food. We didn't get anything, but man oh man did the fried dough smell good!

We never did find the Salvation Army; I guess that's an errand for another day.

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