Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween! Mine was pretty grand. (But can somebody tell me why it was hot yesterday? It was in the low 70s; geez Louise!)

I was so excited to finally wear my awesome costume in public! Eric looked great, too! I've been thinking about these costumes since last year when I saw this on Martha Stewart.

When I found out that Brooke and Mike didn't have costumes, I put my thinking cap on. Yesterday afternoon Brooke and I set out on a mission while Eric and Mike were at school taking a class (9 - 5). Curious about the results of our shopping trip?

They were really good sports and played along with my Little Red Riding Hood theme.

We all piled into Eric's car and headed to a friend's for a little party (and a lot of candy). It was a great night, and I totally loved my cape. I just might wear it around the house year-round - it's that cool!

Costume break-down:

Little Red Riding Hood
  1. cape: my mom made it from curtains she salvaged from a restaurant that went out of business
  2. dress: $4.00 at Good Will (children's section = better deal!)
  3. tights: $0.25 at Good Will (un-used in original packaging)
  4. shoes & basket: I already owned these
Big Bad Wolf
  1. sweatshirt: $20.00 at Label Shopper
  2. ears & tail: my mom made them out of sheepskin we already had (how ironic!), a wire hanger (to give the ears structure), and some $0.20 felt from WalMart
  3. whiskers: I made them from pipe cleaners from variety pack that was $3.00 at Michael's
  4. fangs: $12.99 at some Halloween store
  5. claws: $11.99 at some Halloween store
  6. pants & boots: Eric already owned these
  1. curlers (taken out before photos, but awesome): I already owned them
  2. nightgown: $15.00 at Marshalls
  3. slippers: Brooke's
Wood Chopper
  1. plaid shirt: $15.00 (I think) at Target
  2. ax: $4.00 at some Halloween store (it was a grim reaper thingy, so I shortened it at home)
  3. pants, belt, shoes: Mike's
I think we did a pretty good job reusing things we already own and making things work. Thanks mom, for ALL of your help with our costumes!


Di said...

OMG Eric is one scary wolf! The costumes look so good!

little miss spy said...

Thanks! :)

Emily said...

ten points all around!

docmay said...

the best!
you and mom are a great team.

gramma said...

If you and Eric came trick-or- treating to my house, I would have given you ALL the candies.

♥georgie♥ said...

wow i love that last pic of you guys in the fitting!

little miss spy said...

a little photoshop magic! :)

BMay said...

my fave is the dark woods too - that look of pure terror...i mean that look giggling!


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