Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sugar Hearts

A co-worker brought in some huge cupcakes today. Huge. They were leftover from some Valentine's Day celebration somewhere, and they were sprinkled with little sugar hearts.  

2 sugar hearts

I had a quarter of a cupcake (huge, you guys!), and I just had to take a cell phone picture when some sprinkles fell onto my notebook. So sweet (pun intended). 

I hope your Valentine's Day was better than ours (we spent it freezing because our heat is whack, and in the dark because we blew a fuse and found out the hard way that the fuse box is in our neighbor's apartment and we had to wait 2 hours for her to get home). If yours wasn't great, celebrate it this weekend instead - that's totally what we're doing. Valentine's Day deserves a do-over, don't ya think?  


Sara said...

We had a date night planned and I ended up with the worst stomach ache! We're definitely going to have a do-over, just not sure when yet.

April May said...

Yay for re-dos! Sorry you weren't 100%, I hope you're all better now :)


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