Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paperwhites On The Floor

Last Thursday morning, at 4 am, we woke to the sound of a horrible crash. It was really scary, and we got up to have a look around. At first we thought that maybe a picture had fallen off the wall, but no. Then we checked the kitchen to see if a glass had fallen out of the dish rack. Again, no. But we finally found the source of the crash: our beautiful paperwhites had called it a day and had taken a nosedive for the floor. 

Yikes! Since their bowl was broken, I didn't really have anything else they could fit into. I cut the flowers off the bulbs, stuck them in a vase, and then cleaned up the rest of the mess (several days later).

  paperwhites on the floor

Here's what they looked like when they were on the table:

paperwhites on the tables

Plus a bonus closeup of the pretty, pretty blooms:


It was hard to get back to sleep after all of the commotion, but at least we sorta saved the flowers!

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