Monday, November 1, 2010

The Cape In Autumn

The Halloween Party we went to on Saturday night was part of a weekend retreat with Eric's classmates and their partners. On Friday afternoon we drove to Cape Cod and checked into the Ocean Edge Resort.

ocean edge resort

We stayed down the road from the mansion at The Villages complex, and our hotel "room" that was bigger than our apartment (there was a full kitchen and living room!). 

grasses and water
wodden fence
light house

We spent most of Saturday walking along different beaches and spending time in the sunshine. It was windy and chilly and so completely autumn-y.  

rocky beach

In the afternoon, we met this silly dog named Rocky on the beach at the hotel. You can see his owner on the right wearing red. A very friendly pair.

The retreat was a lot of fun, and I felt like the guest of honor since it was the first time I saw most of these people since we became affianced. Everybody was showering me with congratulatory words and hugs! There are a few more pictures right here.

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