Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bouquet From Eric's Family

A week ago, this beautiful bouquet was delivered to our door with a note welcoming me to the Schwarz family. Pretty sweet, right? 

bouquet from eric's family

There's something so uplifting about having fresh flowers in the house. Especially orange and yellow ones. They brighten the whole room. There's also something super, duper uplifting about getting welcomed into a new family!  

yellow lily

I took these pictures yesterday, when the sun was streaming through the living room windows and making the bouquet glow.

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Anonymous said...

we don't have a bouquet for eric, but we do have some of the beer he brewed here with us. everyone we tell is thrilled for the two of you.
love dad

Jessica Nichols said...

Congratulations April!!! I am very happy for you! :) :)

little miss spy said...

@ dad - thanks! i know he's looking forward to the beer :)

@ jess thank you, thank you! ♥


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