Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Stromboli

On Sunday Sara made stromboli with pepperoni and cheese. It smelled so good that I had some, even though I don't eat pork (I gave Eric my perpperoni). Um, YUM! I was inspired to try to make it myself last night. I added red sauce and used shredded chicken instead of pepperoni.

stromboli recipe

It was okay. It was a little bland; it could have used some salt and spices. It will be better next time! Anyway, use the recipe above as a starting point if you feel like giving it a go. Have fun with it -- I did!


Sara said...

How'd it work with the sauce inside? It seems like it would be messy. We always just dunk in sauce after it's cooked.

little miss spy said...

i did a really thin layer because i was worried it would be either messy or soggy (or both! ahhhh!), but the thin layer was fine. i did seal the edges, but some sauce and cheese leaked out at a weak point. not too much though. definitely could have used more flavor though. next time :)

oh yeah, i did end up dipping mine in sauce just to add some more flavor, but it wasn't that great of an improvement.


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