Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chinese Checkers

I really like to play games. A lot. When I was little I'd spend hours (days, sometimes) playing Monopoly with the kids on my street. We'd carry the board from one room to another and sometimes even from house to house.

In 4th grade I was killer at Uno. In college I learned to play Rummy and played it on a daily basis second semester freshman year.

chinese checkers

Over the weekend I was just itching to play a game. We haven't played a game in a while, and I just needed to. I got out our game set, but it turns out that Eric and I are too evenly matched in checkers and it wasn't very fun. So we switched to Chinese checkers. I've only played a handful of times, and it was so much fun to re-learn the game and start to strategize. It's all about the jumping! It's out and all set up for the next game because I'm tired of it yet!

Plus, how cool are marbles? I wish I had my marble works set with me, because you know I'd be setting that sucker up in the corner.


Sara said...

I really love this photo!

Brooke said...

Game night!!!!


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