Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lots Of Hearts

My computer troubles aren't over, but instead of letting it get to me I worked on a project. While I was uninstalling and reinstalling and downloading tons of things, I cut out tiny hearts. Lots and lots of tiny hearts.

After gluing them onto some paper, I framed them. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them! I'm really pleased with the result because they make me happy.

Unfortunately they didn't solve my computer problems. Now I'm off to deal with that. Wish me luck.


docmay said...

hello beautiful

i love the hearts. next time you have a computer problem (hopefully, never again)...if you have the time make, and frame, me a set of hearts..they would make be happy as well.

i love your take on life.

little miss spy said...

if i have time, i'll make one for you before the next time i come home :)

gramma said...

Amongst all those lovely hearts I know one must be mine because you've taken my heart from day one.

beebabz said...

i heart the hearts

Jessica Nichols said...

The framed hearts + your positive attitude was great enough but the sweet comments from your family are over the top! What a darling project. Love the bigger pics.


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