Monday, January 25, 2010

Eric's Birthday Cake

Saturday was Eric's birthday, so I made a cake for him. We decided on a brownie mosaic cheesecake; there were 4 parts to it. First I made the brownies (I used this recipe), then the crust (Eric crushed the teddy grahams), then the cheesecake filling, and lastly the ganache topping. We don't have an electric mixer, so this cake took some muscle. Eric took a picture of me stirring the cream cheese - 3 whole packages - until it was fluffy.

We met a bunch of friends at Boston Beer Works for dinner, and I brought the cake for dessert. Not only was it the first cheesecake I ever made, it was my first cake of any sort. And wow, it came out well. If you like chocolate, that is. And I don't. So I didn't like it that much. But everybody else seemed to enjoy it.

We had such a good time that I only took 1 picture of the cake and a few terrible photos of our group (so bad that I will not be sharing them). Anyway, I think Eric enjoyed his birthday and I know he enjoyed dessert. ★

*In other news, you can check out my homemade chalkboard here.


gramma said...

First of all I love the picture. You look as if you were about to climb into the bowl. What derring do to attempt so complicated a
cake. I would would have quit with the brownies.
But a cake with ganache is a cake with panache.

gramma said...

Incidentally, Happy Birthday to Ericc

little miss spy said...

I had a really time mixing the cream cheese and needed as much leverage as possible. :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

Happy BDay to Eric...looks like lotsa fun and that looks delish!!!!

docmay said...

what's a ganache?
love the mixing photo..excellent baking ergonomics! who knew?

little miss spy said...

a ganache is like a chocolate icing or glaze. it's sort of thick (mine didn't have enough time to cool properly so it's runny/melty) and sometimes it's used a filling. it's often used in chocolate cakes.

beebabz said...

i think that is the cutest cooking pic since gramma stirring the soup, thanks for the photo (and happy bday to eric)!


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