Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snowball Snow

I should be writing about the black tie affair we attended on Friday evening, but I'm just too excited about the snow! So snow today, gala tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon we experienced what weathermen often call a "wintery mix." Then, when it turned into actual for real snow, I was thrilled. I stood at the window watching it come down for quite awhile. There's something about a good snowfall that just makes the world seem so peaceful.

It was wonderful to wake up to a snow covered landscape. Since it was a sunny day, we ventured out for a walk in the late afternoon. Just beautiful.

I love putting on my scarf and mittens. I love the chilly air on my cheeks. I love seeing my breath when I talk. I love coming home and getting wrapped up in a cozy blanket! Yay winter! Do you think it will it stick around?


gramma said...

Snow, snow beautiful snow. But-as for me, if it lasts more than one day it has overstayed it's welcone.

little miss spy said...

i want more snow! more snow!


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