Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black & White Keys

Thanksgiving was a while ago now, but I haven't shared any photos. That's because I didn't really take many. I was sick, and picking up the camera, telling people to smile, and focusing seemed like a lot of work. So I didn't really bother. I did take a few photos at my Aunt & Uncle's house, though.

My Aunt is a wonderful pianist, and her piano is really beautiful. For a little while I was interested in learning to play. I got a small keyboard for Christmas in 6th grade, and during the winter vacation I taught myself to play Silent Night by making notes on the music in an ancient music text book, marking the keys, and pure memorization. I was so proud of myself! And then I lost interest. Maybe because the keyboard was mini, maybe because I got caught up with friends; I don't really know. Even though I didn't pursue it, I still listening to piano msuic and I think they look awfully nice in a living room!

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