Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recycled Flowers

I saw these recycled flower ornaments in mer mag, and I was inspired to make some for our apartment. It was fun to get out the glue and do a little craft project, and I absolutely love the way they came out! 

I made six flowers. They're so pretty and they're made out of catalogs that would have been trashed. Some are small, some have tons of petals, some are short, and they're all unique. I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I even like them just sitting on the floor waiting for their own space!


*sara* said...

Oh my, I totally LOVE these!! You're so crafty :)

lisatheisa said...

Sara is right you are so crafty, very cool! I imagine you could sell these; perhaps in a lovely boutique in a quaint New England town? :)

little miss spy said...

Thanks guys :)

BMay said...

awww what a nice idea!

Anonymous said...

No comment. I'm speechless. This doesn't make much sense, but you get the message. Awesome.


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