Sunday, December 14, 2008

Before & After



I know these pictures aren't great, but I wanted to post them anyway. Today we rearranged the living room. I really wanted to use that horizontal book case behind our desk, so we had to find something new to put the TV on*. I like how it turned out, and we're much happier with our office area. We feel like we have so much room now that we're more organized.

*I put the TV stand together by myself!


docmay said...

hey...where'd you get the giant sunflower?

little miss spy said...

LaDiDa gave it to me a long time ago. It used to be behind our desk, sort of hidden. I love that it's a bigger part of the room now!

lisatheisa said...

Nice! Looks like the semi-giant pine cone took a back seat to the sunflower: flower power! We of course need to know what's on TV before & after :)

little miss spy said...

So before I think it was "In Her Shoes," but I'm not sure because I was too busy putting that thing together to pay attention. And after I'm pretty sure it was "60 Minutes" because The Schwarz was watching the football game and that was on right after.


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