Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relationship With God

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Some people consider it their duty to spread the word of God. I was on the red line when this crazy looking guy with a sandwich board espousing God's will offered me a pamphlet. I usually shy away from anybody with handouts, especially if they are going to try to convert me. This time was no different and I politely declined, but he placed it on the empty seat beside him. However, now that I have a reason to collect all sorts of messages this pamphlet looked pretty appealing. Not wanting to strike up a conversation, I snatched it when he was busy trying to convert another girl. Although I don't agree with the message, I find it interesting that there are a significant number passionate people walking around the country (and presumably the world) with these handouts. I'm more interested in the images than the message, which is why I haven't included any excerpts.


babzaroo said...

i can only imagine the sense of urgency that bible-thumpers must have now -all the apocalyptic world events, the crazy weather, got that end-of-the-world feel about it... did he see you pick up the pamphlet? maybe you made his day...congrats on your new joint venture, its a cool idea!

little miss spy said...

I don't think he saw my pick up the pamphlet, but maybe I made him very happy. That would be nice because it would mean we both got something out of the interaction!

*I totally love getting comments, thanks :)


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