Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eric!

I've organized a birthday party for Eric every year since 2008, and last night was the 5th annual get-together. For the happy occasion, I made a really fun cake*. I need to work on my cake writing skills. Writing with frosting is HARD. But even with the messy handwriting, it came out really well! Everybody seemed to like it, and when I cut it everybody said "WOW," so I must have done something right!
eric's birthday party cake
our friend's birthday is next weekend, so i included her name on the cake, too!

rainbow cake - cut
surprise! rainbow cake!
making the rainbow cake
here are some action shots of making the cake

Everybody brought appetizers and drinks, and we served lasagna and salad (and cake + ice cream). I'm still stuffed. After we ate, we all played a fun game that our friend brought. We laughed until we couldn't breathe, and had so much fun. We have great friends, so getting everybody together in one place is the best. 

Many thanks to our guests for making it a night to remember. And a very, very happy birthday (tomorrow) to Eric!

*If you want to make one of these cakes, here are the directions I used as a reference. I didn't follow the Weight Watcher's diet guidelines at all - I just followed the directions on the box of cake mix. Since I'm not a baker and making a cake is scary, I decided a box mix was safest (Betty knows what she's doing), but you can definitely do this with any white cake recipe if you're a confident baker. And you're not afraid of a lot of food coloring gel. 

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